Generic Provigil is Modavigil. Provigil comes in various trade names which are also varied in every country where Provigil is for sale. For instance in Australia Provigil is traded as Modavigil, in India Modalert, in the U.S it’s Provigil. Thus if you ask, Is Generic Provigil the same as Modavigil? Absolutely they are the same. If you will order Provigil and you will be given Modavigil there is nothing to worry or to complain about they are the same. The drug formulation is exactly the same. It is only the label and the name that differ. There is no variance in the effectiveness too.

Where to Buy Modavigil?

There are plenty of offshore pharmacies advertising about Provigil for sale. But take note about possible online scams which may take in different forms described below:

Fake Provigil or Modavigil

Expensive Modavigil or Provigil with a price that is twice or even thrice the original

Huge delivery charges due to reasons like the dealer secured a prescription for you to make the delivery legit, etc.

Undelivered generic Provigil and you can no longer contact the dealer

There are so many things that can happen with virtual transactions which can only waste your time, effort and money. What if you will buy Provigil from offline sources? This is possible but be prepared with the prescription from your doctor. If you cannot secure a valid prescription you cannot in any other ways buy Provigil or Modavigil. You can read on customer testimonials and find out the raving reviews. Modavigil is for sale at super low prices. The products are guaranteed genuine. If you are in doubt you can buy in smaller dose and then see if it really works the way the real Provigil can. Your sleep problems will surely be addressed and your being stressed will be taken away. Modavigil is not only for those who are sick. Modavigil is for people who are trying to be full of energy and enthusiasm to increase productivity at work.