Would you like a totally honest Provigil review? I have been taking Provigil for over 3 years and I can tell you everything about it. Read this review now.

Provigil – the brand name for modafinil in Australia and New Zealand. I have been taking Provigil for years and I am not prescribed it. I do not have narcolepsy, excessive daytime sleepiness or anything like that. I do not and never have had a prescription for it either. But I’ve been taking it nearly daily because of its performance enhancing properties. Let me give you a Provigil review to you everything you need to know about Provigil.

Provigil Review – Everything You Need To Know

I have been taking Provigil and so far, I’m having a great, active lifestyle.

Provigil tablets come in 200mg and 100mg sizes. You always want to buy the 200mg sizes because if you every want to take 100mg or even 50mg you can do so easily by simply cutting the pill up. In fact, there is a score line on the pill to let you easily split it in half.

If anyone ever tells you in their Provigil review that you can’t import Provigil or modafinil into USA, UK or Australia tell them they are talking bull$hit. It’s easy to import and you can easily get it past customs if you know how. You can import it without a prescription and there will be no problems as long as you do it the right way. I have proved this time and time again.

Provigil Review – Its Effects And How To Use It

Provigil is extremely strong. If you are a normal healthy person it will be very strong for you. When you take 200mg you will seriously be so stimulated like you have never felt before – it’s incredible. You become energetic and alive and can keep working and working forever.

It’s great for anything. If you are at home and want to clean up, you can literally do a weekends work in half a day. If you are at work and want to work harder, it is the perfect thing. In my research for this Provigil review, this is how most people use it the most.

My favourite ways to work on using Provigil are:

  1. reviewing my huge to-do list and just smashing through it
  2. grabbing a bunch of books on one subject and totally ripping it all apart (you’ll be suprised at how much faster you read and learn)
  3. programming and coding – seriously guys if you are doing any code work Provigil is great for it, because your concentration and mental ability are seriously enhanced
  4. I’ve gotten so much done at work and still feel pumped every night I’ve had a tonne of spare time, so I’ve been putting together this Provigil Review blog (you too could finally have the time to blog about something you love…)

But work isn’t not the only way Provigil works for you. If you are going out partying on the weekends it is great to keep you alert and safe. It lowers the effects of alcohol but you shouldn’t really drink that much on it. You’ll be having too much fun anyway.

It’s also great for sports. I love going out on the weekends with my friends in the day and running, jumping, playing footy, swimming – everything. You can simply just keep on going and going and going and going and get more in the day.

Provigil Review – How Provigil Feels After Using It A Lot

When you arrive home at 7pm or something, usually you’d feel completely destroyed and ready for a sleep. But when you are on Provigil you simply feel fine. You just feel great and okay.

It’s not like you are high or euphoric or off your face, and it’s not jittery or anxiety like coffee… it’s simply a feeling of ‘I just feel fine, and okay and great actually, I can do anything!’ You are mentally alert and cognitively great, plus you are physically energized and feeling great (even if you have been doing a lot of physical things all day).

It’s quite an experience and one that is very easy to get used to. Every day when I wake up in the morning I simply take a Provigil with a glass of water, and the whole day I’m fine. I actually don’t even really think about it anymore – I am simply accustomed to an amazing quality of life and literally having unlimited energy and mental acuity.

I’m making more money than ever because I’m working harder and smarter. I’m physically fit and stronger than ever because it’s easy to do exercise naturally and I don’t get tired after it. All my relationships are better because I’m always in a good mood, keen for a phone call or to hang out (the excuses of ‘I’m too tired’ are all gone). Review all the times you say ‘I’m too tired’ to things… those will be gone when you’re on Provigil.

Provigil Review – Honestly, You Owe It To Yourself To Just Try It

Seriously, if you haven’t tried Provigil you owe it to yourself to at least give it a go. Everyone has to find out for themselves but there is a lot of ‘buzz’ around this product because it is actually really awesome. It’s in the news and billionaire executives like Dave Asprey are taking it for a reason – it works!

Oh yeah and I stopped drinking coffee because I didn’t need it anymore, which saves me $4.50 a day, which is $135 a month. But Provigil only costs me $45 a month, so in my budget review I have saved $90 a month just by swapping to Provigil… plus it lasts all day! How awesome is that? Imagine yourself saving money AND having a better lifestyle.

My Provigil review is that it is totally awesome. You have to try it! Seriously you save money and it’s way better. Imagine finally feeling great and rearing to go for anything. Imagine the quality of life you could have.